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Multiple Entry Visas for Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE

UAE entry permits (or visas) are issued as a single entry visa, or multiple entry visa. A single entry visa can only be used once. If a person enters Abu Dhabi, Dubai, or another entry port in the UAE with a visit visa, tourist visa, or transit visa, then after exiting the UAE they must apply for a new entry permit before visiting the country again. This sometimes causes problems for visitors who go to Oman, or another neighbouring country, for a short vist while staying in Dubai for a longer period of time, since visitors must wait 30 days before reapplying for a new UAE visit visa, unless they are from one of the UAE visa on arrival countries.

Dubai multiple entry visa table


Visa applicant Validity period Maximum stay Charges Apply to Sponsor
New multi-entry permit² 180 days 14 days charges apply UAE immigration Unknown
Business traveller 6 months 30 days charges apply UAE immigration Yes
Property owner 6 months   charges apply UAE immigration Unknown
German¹ 1-2 years 90 days charges apply UAE embassy No
American (US)¹ 1-10 years 180 days Free UAE embassy Yes
Resident 1-3 years     UAE immigration Yes


Multiple Entry Visit Visa Types for Dubai and UAE

  • Business travellers can obtain a six month multi-entry UAE visa. Cost is AED 1000, must be applied for in the UAE by the sponsoring company (enter on a visit visa first), and a local UAE business sponsor is needed. Each stay can be up to 30 days (or perhaps 1 month).
  • Property owner multi-entry visas for the UAE are valid for six months, and are renewable, if the owner has an independent income and a minimum property value (AED 10k per month and AED 1 million in 2009 when the new visa was offered).
  • Property owner UAE residence visa valid for 3 years is no longer available from 2007/2008.
  • German citizens can obtain a one or two year multiple entry visa from the UAE embassy in Germany. Cost is AED 1500. Maximum duration of visit is three months. No sponsor is needed.¹
  • US citizens can apply for a one to ten year multi-entry visa from the UAE embassy in the USA. Each stay can be up to 6 months (or perhaps only 180 days). A sponsor is needed.¹
  • UAE visa on arrival nationalities do not get a multi-entry visa but as they can leave the UAE and return immediately for a new visa, that system is roughly equivalent to have a multiple entry visa of indefinite duration (which is not the same as unlimited - you never know when the authorities might change the rules).
  1. This information appears to be still current according to official UAE government websites (although the relevant page was last updated in 2003), but as German and North American citizens can obtain a 30-day visit visa on arrival at no charge, and easily do a Hatta visa run when it expires, the multi-entry visa option has less appeal, and might not be available anyway. No information is obvious on the DNRD website as of June 2006.
  2. A new multiple entry visit visa was announced in conjunction with a major revamp of the UAE visa rules in July 2008. It's not clear if the previous business traveller multi-entry visa is still valid also. The DNRD website appears to indicate it is, but fees are slightly higher.

UAE residence permits are multi-entry Visas

  • Residence visas for UAE are multiple entry visas with no maximum period of stay in the UAE within the validity period of the permit (usually 1 or 3 years), however if the holder stays outside the UAE for more than 6 months in one hit, then the visa becomes invalid (not cancelled).
  • Residence visas are usually obtained because the holder is employed in the UAE, is an investor, or is a close family member of another residence visa holder.

Documents required for multi-entry UAE Visas

Documents required will vary depending on type of visa, and probably a few other random unrelated events such as what the immigration official had for breakfast on the day you present him or her your documents. In general, you will need:

  • Passport - original, with valid entry permit if applying for business multi-entry visa, or property visa for the first time. Bring photocopy of personal details page and entry permit page also.
  • Photographs - at least two and probably four.
  • Application form - obtain from typist at the immigration department if in the UAE.
  • Documents that verify your relationship to your sponsor, if necessary. Usually one of the following: marriage certificate, birth certificate, trade licence and employment contract, property title deed. Bring a copy, and have it and the original attested by the relevant ministry or authority that oversees the issuing body.

Application procedure for UAE multi-entry Visa

  • If you are in the UAE then visit the immigration department of the emirate in which you arrived, or in which your sponsor resides. Go to the typing center with your documents and money, they will fill in the application form and send you on your way to the next counter you need to visit. Allow for a second trip to return with the documents you didn't have the first time around, and allow several hours for the process to be completed. Usually your sponsor will give you more details, or in the case of employment, will arrange the visa for you.
  • If you are not in the UAE, then contact or visit the nearest UAE embassy with documents and money. They should have the relevant application forms and information. (managed by can help you apply your Dubai Visa.

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